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Sip, Browse & Play

Last Sunday began with a trip to The Conran Shop on Marylebone High Street. It ended with afternoon tea at the brand new Drink, Shop & Do. In short, it was a perfect day.

I found out about the new venue through Groupon, the website that fuels my bargain addiction on a daily basis. If you haven’t joined it yet, do it now.

The venue is a two-minute walk from Kings Cross station. It’s easy to spot, due to the colourful beach chairs adorning either side of the door. This particular Sunday was bitterly cold, so no beach chairs were needed. However, I can see the appeal for those 3 days a year when England actually decides to let the sun shine through.


Drink, Shop & Do

When we entered Drink, Shop & Do, we found a table perfect for two. We were given our choice of a welcome drink: sherbet cocktail, mulled wine, or mulled cider. I went for the mulled cider while my boyfriend tried some of the wine. Yummy!

We took in the atmosphere. The place is somewhere between a vintage shop and a 1950s milkshake bar. Everything you see is on sale. From the sofas to the clocks to the quirky swan shaped vase sitting at your table. It’s all mid-century modern retro stuff, which made me fall in love with this place. I love all things vintage!

Christmas decorations hung from the wall, and a massive tree sat decorated in the corner. I looked at my boyfriend and said, “This is totally a Lynsey kind of place” and he agreed. It’s quirky, fun, laid back, and right up my alley.

Fierce competition

Drink, Shop & Do has dozens of board games to choose from. You find a game, take it to your table, and waste the afternoon away drinking, eating, and playing. How could I not instantly fall in love with this place!?

Scrabble and sandwiches

I reached straight for the Scrabble board (a vintage set from the 1970s) and challenged my hesitant boyfriend to a competition. I can hardly blame him for being scared to play a game of Scrabble with me; he always wins and I always get angry. My competitive nature is something I should definitely work on in 2011.

When all was said and done, he did beat me and I demanded a game of Connect Four so that I could win something. Luckily for him, I came out triumphant. But maybe he let me win in order to avoid an argument? Hrmmmm.

A spot of tea

Our afternoon tea voucher included a second beverage of our choice. I chose another glass of mulled cider while Steve chose tea like a proper English gentleman. I admit it was quite silly to go to afternoon tea and drink cider, but it was mighty good.

We received a tiered plate of cucumber, ham and mustard, and cheese and pickle sandwiches. I traded Steve all the cucumber sandwiches for all the ham and mustard sandwiches in a transaction that resembled a primary school cafeteria swap. Everything was quite tasty (and filling).

And then it was time for the good stuff. We each received a generous slice of orange and ginger cake. This was good, but perhaps a bit too orangey for my taste. Although I must say I ate all of it, so it clearly wasn’t too bad. Next we had a chocolate cake, which was heavenly. After cleaning our plates, we rolled ourselves out of Drink, Shop & Do, vowing to never eat that much food again (it always ends this way with us).

Drink, Shop & Do something!

Drink, Shop & Do organises everything from knitting evenings to poetry readings. Take this as an opportunity to mix up your regular routine and try something new.

Check out their website at for more details.

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